Pure Storage and Equinix Collaborate to Deliver Physical Infrastructure at Software Speed

Pure Storage® on Equinix Metal™ Is a Full Stack, Bare Metal Solution That Is Embedded, Global, and Cloud Connected, Providing Complete Control and Flexibility

Mountain View, Calif. – March 3, 2021 —  Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG), the IT pioneer that delivers storage as a service in a multi-cloud world, and Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the world’s digital infrastructure company™, announced Pure Storage on Equinix Metal, a Bare Metal as a Service storage offering that delivers a unified, connected platform for any stage of an organization’s cloud journey.

Enterprises are increasingly moving out of their own data centers to reduce management complexity and staff burden, and to increase the agility and efficiency of their IT environments. 57% of enterprises today have a strategic vision for hybrid IT with less of their data processed in their own data centers or the cloud. Regardless of where their data lives, enterprises still need control over their environment and the flexibility to react to business changes without having to manage everything on their own.

Pure Storage on Equinix Metal provides an environment in which physical, dedicated, single tenant servers and high-performance storage can be provisioned to customers with cloud-like ease and speed. The solution can eliminate upfront CAPEX investment for hardware and ongoing stack management by embedding storage and simple, on-demand procurement of network, storage and compute, with hosting, deployment, and support of all physical aspects via one vendor, under one contract. The solution can also lower operational costs and risks, and allows for more flexible, scalable, as a service delivery of IT infrastructure, empowering organizations to only pay for what they use, when they want to use it.

“Enterprises want full control over their environment, but they don’t want to operate their own data centers or be forced to fit into traditional cloud models – they want a cloud model that fits their business. By partnering with Equinix, we are eliminating management complexity and delivering the flexibility and controls that put organizations in charge of what their technology platforms can do for them.”

Jack Hogan

VP of Technology Strategy, Pure Storage

Equinix Metal is an automated, interconnected and secure bare metal service that applies a developer and API-first mindset to foundational infrastructure and provides a fully automated way for digital businesses to access the value of Platform Equinix® via its leading collection of DevOps and open-source integrations. The new managed appliance as a service capability on Equinix Metal, which Equinix introduced today as part of a series of Equinix Metal product enhancements, is designed to support a range of solutions including Pure Storage, the first storage as a service offering announced on Equinix Metal.

“Digital leaders increasingly require proximity to hardware, software, clouds and networks to create advantage, and Equinix offers a unique range of places, partners and possibilities to enable them. Our customers have been asking for a solution that combines interconnected bare metal with Pure’s world-class storage and the flexibility of an as a Service model. Today we are excited to announce Pure as our first Storage as a Service partner on Equinix Metal, available across our 18 global metros.” – Zac Smith, Managing Director, Equinix Metal.

Pure Storage on Equinix Metal allows businesses to consume interconnected infrastructure with the control of physical hardware and the low overhead and developer experience of the cloud, helping them move faster in today’s competitive environment. The new service supports a full range of use cases, including legacy on-premises applications, high-volume data-driven applications, and cloud-native and next-generation applications. Solutions enabled include:

  • Hybrid cloud and Data Recovery as a Service for virtual environments: Customers can extend, protect, or migrate on premises, self-managed virtual machine (VM) environments to a hosted environment powered by FlashArray™, with flexibility and options for a multi-cloud VM-based environment or a full VM-based cloud.
  • High-performance, near-edge cloud storage: By combining the FlashBlade® unified fast file and object platform with Equinix Metal, diverse unstructured data workloads can be consolidated onto a highly scalable platform with multi-dimensional performance.
  • Hybrid and edge cloud native container storage: With Portworx® by Pure Storage, customers can amplify their hybrid- and multi-cloud strategy by deploying a full Kubernetes environment capable of running mission-critical applications on a Bare Metal, interconnected platform that is much faster than the public cloud. Portworx, the leading Kubernetes Storage Platform according to GigaOm Research, enables customers to deploy, secure, run, and protect their mission-critical data services as they would in traditional data centers, but with the full automation and flexibility provided by Kubernetes.

“The world of data is growing exponentially and should persist and exist wherever customers need to access it, especially at the edge. We’re now beginning to see a new paradigm in which developers have the ability to build and deploy infrastructure at software speeds, and stand up environments anywhere in the world, with the compute and storage resources they need right at their fingertips.” – Mark Bowker, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group

Pure Storage on Equinix Metal is available in 18 global Equinix Metal metros. To learn more, visit:

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