JOCDN Deploys Unified Fast File and Object from Pure Storage to Boost Mission-critical Content Delivery Network

TOKYO, Japan – April 27, 2021 — Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG), the IT pioneer that delivers storage as-a-service in a multi-cloud world, announced today that JOCDN, one of the largest video distribution companies in Japan, has deployed Pure’s unified fast file and object (UFFO) platform, FlashBlade®, to boost the performance of its mission-critical content delivery network (CDN) platform.

JOCDN provides high-quality video distribution services to broadcasters and video companies and requires its CDN to perform at optimal levels at all times. In order to manage costs, the company was utilizing a two tier caching architecture with the first tier (edge) using built-in server flash storage to provide high-speed and reliable response times, and the second tier (middle), built on hard disk storage, to provide the capacity.

However, as its business expanded and demands increased on its CDN, JOCDN found it required its second tier cache to perform at higher levels than the hard disk storage was able to achieve. When the number of unstructured data transactions increased, the performance of the hard disks deteriorated, disrupting operations and adding additional work for the infrastructure team.

To rectify this, JOCDN decided to upgrade its second tier storage and after a rigorous selection process, chose FlashBlade, a unified fast file and object platform from Pure Storage. Immediately, the performance of the second tier cache improved 10 times achieving high-speeds and stable performance. In addition, the introduction of flash storage has had the effect of eliminating failure rates, enabling efficient operational management. Pure provided JOCDN with an efficient and reliable platform to continue to grow its business.

“Pure’s FlashBlade has been performing stably and at a very high level even when the traffic on the CDN spikes. We are thus able to comfortably meet the high-performance requirements of our customers without any issues, giving the IT department a great sense of security in the platform.”
Sokichi Takada
Senior Engineer, Engineering Department, JOCDN

“Unstructured data like video require modern data solutions that provide fast response times, high capacity and six nines reliability. Pure FlashBlade’s scale-out metadata architecture can handle tens of billions of files and objects with maximum performance, providing JOCDN with peace-of-mind, allowing them to focus on their business,” said Yoshiyuki Tanaka, President, Pure Storage Japan. “JOCDN is also typical of many of our customers who are beginning to replace their hard disk storage with flash for reliability and performance reasons.”

JOCDN is expecting even more demands on their CDN in the near future especially with the spread of high-quality video distribution such as 4K/8K which makes their choice to go with FlashBlade a sound long term decision to support their growing unstructured data needs.

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