Grupo Globo — Latin America’s largest media company — relies on Palantir Foundry to harness data across its multi-channel products and enhance connections with its daily audience of 100 million viewers.

DENVER & RIO DE JANEIRO, June 29, 2021 –(BUSINESS WIRE)–Palantir Technologies (NYSE: PLTR) and Grupo Globo today announced they have extended their partnership for two more years. In its journey toward becoming a mediatech company, Globo teamed up with Palantir in 2019 to use its Foundry software, which transforms the way organizations operate by creating a central operating system for their data, leading to better decisions across the enterprise.

Globo, Latin America’s largest media company, generates more than two petabytes of data across its platforms. It uses Palantir Foundry both to improve its sales offering to advertisers and to enhance the connection to its daily audience of 100 million Brazilians. The use of Palantir Foundry, combined with its in-house data intelligence capabilities and the relationship with its massive audience, has allowed Grupo Globo to accelerate fundamental processes for its transformation.

“At Palantir, we are proud to work on the most difficult problems, and it is an honor to put our technology to work at a company that is not only a leader in the region, but an organization that is profoundly committed to its digital transformation.”

↳ Shyam Sankar, Palantir’s Chief Operating Officer

In sales, Palantir Foundry is one of the tools used by Globo to develop advertising services and solutions to present a unified offering to advertisers, allowing them to view Globo’s diverse offerings as a single inventory, combining what was previously difficult to reconcile across different divisions. This allows Globo not only to solidify its position as the dominant player in the region, but to quantify delivery and use data to improve its customer offering.

In addition to giving Globo tools to enhance sales, Globo’s technology teams working with Palantir Foundry have established an agile and data-driven culture using the platform to quickly test hypotheses and prototype solutions. This has helped Globo refine the relationship with its audience through Globoplay, the company’s SVOD platform, by quickly identifying the content that generates the most engagement, leading to a more relevant content offer.

“Palantir has helped us accelerate Globo’s cultural transformation toward becoming a data-driven company. The Foundry platform has greatly facilitated the access and integration of several data sources, as well as improved the capabilities for designing indicators, dashboards and models that have quickly become an integral part of the daily activities of our business experts. In addition to making many internal processes more efficient, the platform has also allowed us to develop new and innovative products for the market, entirely based on data, and with a direct impact on the company’s top line,” said Wanderley Baccalá, Director of Digital Hub at Globo.

“At Palantir, we are proud to work on the most difficult problems, and it is an honor to put our technology to work at a company that is not only a leader in the region, but an organization that is profoundly committed to its digital transformation,” said Shyam Sankar, Palantir’s Chief Operating Officer. “We are excited to contribute to helping Globo make the best possible use of its data to transform its enterprise.”

The largest media company in Latin America, Globo is present in 99% of Brazilian homes and has already exported its stories to more than 190 countries around the world. In addition to the 100 million Brazilians it reaches every day through its open and pay TV channels, Globo’s digital products and OTT platform receive more than 20 million users daily. In order to better understand all the data generated in the multiple points of contact with the market and consumers, Globo has innovated and invested in AI, machine learning and in the training of data engineers and teams of scientists in a move to transform information into real strategies and solutions. Strategic partnership deals such as the one sealed with Palantir play a fundamental role in this journey.

About Globo
Latin America’s largest media company, Globo, brings together free-to-air and pay TV channels, in addition to digital products and services. Its linear channels speak to more than 100 million people in Brazil every day. And, thanks to its wide network of partner affiliates that covers the entire country, it is able to be local, regional and national at the same time. In 2018 it started its digital transformation journey, becoming a mediatech company, strongly supported by technology and focused on direct relationships with consumers. It provides audiences a complete viewing experience, which combines the ability to produce high quality content with technological expertise, with distribution on various platforms, such as TV Globo, a free-to-air TV channel; its 26 pay TV channels; its SVOD and streaming platform Globoplay; and digital products: news G1; sports; and entertainment Gshow, among others.

About Palantir Technologies
Palantir Technologies is a software company that builds enterprise data platforms for use by organizations with complex and sensitive data environments. From building safer cars and planes, to discovering new drugs and combating terrorism, Palantir helps customers across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors transform the way they use their data. In addition to Grupo Globo, Palantir is proud to work with airlines, financial institutions, and government agencies in Brazil in furthering their digital transformation. Additional information is available at

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