CrowdStrike’s Humio Platform Unveils Scalability Benchmark Streaming Over One Petabyte of Data Per Day with Reduced Infrastructure and Operational Requirements

Showcases 100% high-fidelity data ingestion from source to target at streaming speeds running 30M events per second on only 45 nodes with 96 cores each

Austin, Texas – March 8 – Humio, a CrowdStrike company and the only log management platform enabling complete observability for all streaming logs in real time and at scale, sets the standard for data ingestion by reaching a benchmark of over one petabyte of data ingestion per day. At this rate of unprecedented data intake, Humio gives DevOps, ITOps and SecOps teams the ability to get insights from their IT infrastructure through real-time visibility of their log data at massive scale.

In 2019, Humio was the first log management solution to reach a benchmark of 100TB per day of data. That test used 25 nodes with 64 cores each, running 2.1 million events per second. Recently, the Humio engineering team completed a one petabyte benchmark on 45 nodes with 96 cores each, running 30 million events per second and delivering search results with sub-second latency through Humio’s index-free architecture. This is a 10x increase in data ingestion running on just 2.7x of the processing nodes.

Humio’s industry-leading total cost of ownership is based on the ability to remove the limitations present in legacy logging solutions, bringing unlimited ingest, reduced infrastructure costs, and lower operational costs. Even as they increase the amount of log data being added to Humio, customers have routinely found:

  • Infrastructure cost is one-fifth (saving 80% or more) of the cost of legacy log management vendors.
  • Operational cost is one-fourth (saving 75% or more) of the cost of legacy log management vendors.

Organizations increasingly need improved observability to enable faster response to events that affect customer experiences, supply chains and IT security. These efforts require a focus on reducing system outages, protecting the organization from vulnerabilities and ensuring optimal performance across their infrastructure. At the foundation of these efforts is data about the performance and health of IT systems. Humio allows users to ingest all types of data with 100% fidelity from source to target.

“The challenges facing DevOps, ITOps and SecOps teams are only growing with the speed and scale of log data increasing each day — and with data arriving from a complex array of systems and applications,” said Michael Sentonas, chief technology officer at Crowdstrike. “Data is growing at a rate faster than anyone can budget for or ingest, but it is critical for businesses to be able to consume log data to improve observability across the enterprise to solve critical IT, workloads, compliance and security needs. We are excited to show our customers and the industry the power of Humio’s modern platform and how it improves observability across enterprises at any scale and all budgets.” estimates that the amount of data will more than double over the next four years. The Humio petabyte benchmark anticipates this growth, allowing IT to add high-volume log sources within a unified data fabric. As the first log management company to provide an unlimited license for data ingestion in 2018, Humio users pay a fixed rate for license fees without worrying about going over budget or upgrading their license. Scaling up comes with minimal added cost.

As a disruptive log management platform, Humio enables complete observability to answer any question, explore threats and vulnerabilities, and gain valuable insights from all logs in real time. With this combination of massive scale and sub-second search capabilities, Humio provides a faster, more cost effective way to quickly and effectively deliver insights with a platform designed for ease of operations and stability at any scale.

“Unlike legacy log management systems, Humio doesn’t require organizations to deduplicate data as they increase data ingestion volumes nor do they have to make cost-based concessions on log files to include in the system,” said William McKnight of GigaOm. “With a one petabyte per day load rate, a user base can search over 1PB of data each day and get answers with sub-second latency, all while reducing the number of servers required to store, process and search the data.”

Acquired in early 2021, Humio has become a key technical differentiator for CrowdStrike underpinning both its expansion into the log management market as well as CrowdStrike’s XDR strategy and new XDR offering, Falcon XDR.

To learn how Humio achieved these results in the benchmark, download the white paper.

About Humio
Humio, a CrowdStrike company, offers an advanced, purpose-built log management platform that delivers the lowest total cost of ownership, industry-leading unlimited plans, minimal maintenance and training costs, and remarkably low compute and storage requirements. Humio is the only data platform that enables customers to log everything and answer anything in real time — at scale, with flexible hybrid deployment options. Humio’s modern, index-free architecture makes exploring and investigating all data flexible and blazing fast, even at scale. For more information, visit and follow @MeetHumio on Twitter.

SOURCE: CrowdStrike