Anaplan Arms OZON with Platform to Support Expansion

San Francisco, CA, August 19, 2021 — The global e-commerce market is booming, fueled by consumers who favor convenience and digital delivery services that make it easy to buy everything—from clothes and household goods to groceries and cars—without ever having to leave your home.

For OZON, one of Russia’s leading e-commerce players, this rapid market expansion has spurred a new wave of impressive growth and innovation. Following an exciting NASDAQ debut in 2020, the company recorded six consecutive quarters of triple-digit growth in online transaction volumes and launched a wave of new offerings to support customers throughout Russia, including with online grocery and fintech services.

In the coming years OZON is committed to onboarding new sellers and delivery partners, with a focus on local businesses and entrepreneurs, and will continue to adapt their services to meet the needs of their rapidly growing customer base.

To support ongoing growth and expansion, OZON has chosen Anaplan’s flexible planning platform to manage P&L reporting and FP&A processes across the company’s key business units, including logistics, fulfillment, and delivery.

With Anaplan, OZON’s finance organization will be able to leverage real-time company data, as well as external insights, to make confident, strategic decisions in the face of changing market dynamics and shifting consumer preferences.

We’re thrilled to welcome OZON to the Anaplan family as they continue to build a one-of-a-kind marketplace for consumers and entrepreneurs across Russia.

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SOURCE: Anaplan